General Guidelines
When a customer requests that water service be turned off in order to repair a leak, ONWASA will charge a one-time service call fee at the current rate as outlined in the Rate and Fee Schedule.

Likewise, if ONWASA detects a leak, a notice will be left on the door and water will be shut off. A one time service call fee will be charged for all trips until the leak is repaired.

Reconnection will be made at reasonable times and as rapidly as conditions permit.

Bill Adjustments
Any customer requesting an adjustment for a leak shall notify the Authority of the existence of the leak and provide evidence of its repair and submit the Leak Adjustment form.
Upon determining that the leak existed and the duration of the period of the leak, if during the period of the leak the usage in any month was twice as high as any monthly usage for the past 12 months, the Authority will a grant credit for one-half of the amount of the highest bill rendered during the period of the leak, if the amount of the adjusted bill shall not be less than the minimum Availability and Debt Service Recovery Charges for both water and sewer.

In addition, there shall be no adjustment for sewer services billed at a flat rate.

No more than one adjustment shall be made in any 12 month period. 

The Authority reserves the right to: 
  • Require that a licensed plumber at the customer’s expense verify the existence of a leak
  • Deny any adjustment without the approval of the Authority’s Board of Directors.