Establishing Service

An application is required to establish service. See below for options for submitting an application.


New customers can fill out an online ONWASA Application for Water Service form. A copy of a valid ID is required. Once your Online application is submitted, an ONWASA representative will contact you within 2 business days. *For same day service, you must come into one of the ONWASA Offices before 4:00 PM the day service is requested.

(NOTE: Requests for same day service received after 4:00 PM will result in additional fees.)

The Authority may reject applications in accordance with the terms of the Utility Ordinance.

By Mail or in Office:

Applicants for utility service are required to complete a written ONWASA Application for Water Service (PDF version) and return it to ONWASA. The application must be accompanied by:

  • A valid building permit or certificate of occupancy, unless the application is for service to existing structures which are legally occupied
  • All applicable fees and charges.

Deposit Requirements

Approved Fee & Rate Schedule FY17-18. The Authority may waive a Deposit when it determines in its sole discretion that a customer has a good credit history.

  • Deposits shall be used upon termination of utility service or at any other times the Authority elects to cover a customer’s delinquent utility bill
  • When service is terminated, any unused portions of the Deposit shall be refunded
  • Deposits shall not draw interest

Good Credit vs. Credit Risk

If a customer maintains a good credit history with the Authority for a continuous period of 36 months, the Authority will apply the Deposit to the customer’s next bills until depleted. However, if the Authority later determines that the customer has become a credit risk, it may require the customer to make another Deposit or discontinue crediting of an existing Deposit to utility bills.

Making a Deposit does not relieve a customer of the obligation to pay a bill when due nor prevent the Authority from terminating service for non-payment of bills.