Terms of Office Roster

Onslow Water and Sewer Authority Terms of Office Roster

Member Government Current Representative Term Expires
Holly Ridge Gregory Hines July 31, 2020
Swansboro John Lister July 31, 2020
Richlands Paul Conner July 31, 2020
Onslow County Jack Bright July 31, 2018
Jacksonville Michael Lazzara July 31, 2018
North Topsail Beach Fred Burns July 31, 2018
Onslow County Royce Bennett July 31, 2019
Jacksonville Jerry Bittner July 31, 2019


  • Following initiation of original staggered terms, all subsequent terms are for a three-year period beginning August 1 and ending on July 31.
  • The Officers of the Authority shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary / Treasurer. Each Officer shall serve a term of one year. Selection is made during the annual meeting.
  • Any officer may be elected by the Directors to succeed him or herself in office, for no more than five successive terms within the same office.

Summary of Officer Terms

  • Gregory Hines - Chairman, 2015 to present
  • Jerry Bittner - Vice-Chairman, 2017 to present 
  • Paul Conner - Secretary/Treasurer, 2017 to present