How much does water cost?

Is water expensive?
It is expensive to build infrastructure, like water treatment plants and pipes, but they transport and treat millions of gallons of water per day.  For the consumer, water is a great bargain!  For the price of one bottle of name brand drinking water, you could fill that same bottle every day for about 13 years with tap water.  What a deal!

How does water compare to other beverages?
We put thousands of gallons of water on our lawns (and sometimes waste water by letting it fall on driveways and sidewalks), but we certainly wouldn't do that with other beverages.

The cost of 10 gallons of liquid -
Water             $   .05
Soda              $25.00
Milk                $22.20
Juice              $20.00
Iced Tea         $13.00
Fruit Drink        $11.00