Locating Water Lines

How do I locate water lines?
ONWASA will locate and mark water lines from our water mains to your meter box.  These are normally located along the edge of your property line.

We do not locate/mark your private water lines.  We have no information or maps indicating how the plumber and/or contractor ran your private lines.

Anything beyond the meter box is considered your private lines and your responsibility to maintain and have located if needed.

However, some things to keep in mind:

The pipes should be installed below the "frost line" for this area, usually 18-24 inches, but do check with a plumbing professional.

Look for the location of your water meter and the point at which the water enters your home.  Between these 2 points is a general idea of how the water lines may run on your property; it may be a straight shot, but not always, thus it's best to check with a plumbing professional.

How do I locate sewer lines?
ONWASA will locate sewer lines from the manhole to the edge of your property in the direction of the clean out.  Some of the clean outs are located on the edge of the property (similar to the water meter); if so, we can locate pipes to the clean out.  If your clean out is deeper on your property or closer to your home, we can only locate to the edge of the property in the direction the pipe is going.

What if I can't find a meter box or sewer clean out?
We realize that sometimes the meter box or sewer clean outs can be hard to find and it may be difficult to determine their locations.  Please contact ONWASA at 455-0722 if you need help locating these items.