Backflow Prevention

Cross Connection
A cross connection is a temporary or permanent connection between the public water supply and a source of non-potable water.  One example of this is the piping between a customer's drinking water supply and an irrigation or sprinkler system.

Installing Backflow Prevention Valve
All backflow prevention valves must be installed by a licensed plumber. (Updated November 2015)

Proper installation - Diagram 1 
Manufacturer's Specifications and Warranty Information
For manufacturer's specifications and warranty information on your backflow assembly, visit the manufacturer's website.

Weatherizing Backflow Prevention Valve
You can visit the manufacturer's website for brand-specific information on weatherizing backflow prevention valves or see tips on proper weatherization of a backflow prevention assembly.

Testing Backflow Prevention Valve
ONWASA's cross connection regulations require that all backflow prevention assemblies be tested annually by a certified tester. (Updated May 2016)